Eagar, AZ is a tiny, tiny town  

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I am sitting in a restaurant in Eagar, waiting for one of my property managers to get to work so that I, too, can get to work. I drove around the town a little bit, trying to get a feel for the layout. It didn't take long! I pulled over a few times to investigate some interesting shops. Out of four stops, three businesses were closed until later and the other one closed for good. Not a good sign. I finally settled on what I thought was a coffee shop, Java Blues, but is actually a restaurant. I don't have anything better to do so I just irdered some of their house coffee while I wait for my coworker to make the trip here from Show Low. The coffee is.. so-so. Not disgusting but not worth coming back for. Next time I'll investigate the little esspresso shack I passed coming in to town.

There's a couple with two little children at the table across from me. I'm chuckling to myself because their parents keep repeating "we don't do that in restaurants. At home home it's ok, but not in front of other people.". I don't think they're misbehaving, just speaking a little louder than neccessary in an enclosed space. Oh well, kids will be kids, eh?

Well, it should be about time to head to the property. I'm definately going to take some pictures of the area, because it's so green- beautiful!