In My Garden  

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Here are some pictures of what's growing so far in my garden...
Parsley (a bit dry right now):
Italian Oregano:
Jalapeno, Bell Pepper and Anaheim Pepper:
Jalapeno bud here:Close up on jalapenos:
Bell peppers:
Society Garlic:
These are just the things that are growing so far, not everything that's been planted.

To see more about my garden, go to This site is so helpful in planning my garden, I highly recommend it!


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Co-op Goodies  

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I recently decided to join a local co-op that I found online in order to save some cash on fresh produce. Every pair of baskets (one basket of fruit, one basket of vegetables) is $15.00. I'm so excited because the produce has been great quality so far and there is so much of it.

Cantaloupe, peaches, plums, oranges, grapes, limes:
Co-op Fruit
Broccoli, potatoes, beets, green beans, spinach, celery, lettuce, onions:
Co-op Veggies

They also have other offering that you can purchase separately. This week I bought two loaves of bread. the one on the left is a 16 oz 9-grain sandwich loaf. The other one is a 24 oz 9-grain artisan loaf. They sell these delicious loaves for $2 each!

Co-op Bread

They charge $1.50 to maintain their website, so including everything the total for all this bounty was $21.50- such a good deal!

I've never made anything with raw beets before, so I'll have to look up some recipes to get an idea of how I want to make them. Do you have any beet recipes you enjoy?