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Tomorrow I will be meeting with my book club to watch Twilight.  Afterwards we're going to lunch to discuss the book and the movie.  I decided to make some cookies for the occasion.  I used The Best Rolled Sugar Cookie and Sugar Cookie Icing recipes- both for the first time.  I think next I'll roll the cookies 1/2" thick instead of 1/4" so they aren't as crisp and the icing needed a bit more milk than called for, but otherwise I think I'll use the recipes again.

I'm excited to see the movie tomorrow, but to be honest it's more about going out and making some new friends than about the movie itself.  Don't get me wrong, I hope I enjoy the movie!

Places I've Been  

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What Should Michelle Wear?  

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WWD Fashion has an article contemplating what Michelle Obama and the girls should wear to the inauguration in January.  They had several fashion designers submit ideas and have a slideshow of 40 looks for Michelle and 11 looks for the girls.  I've been having a fun trying to figure out how some of Michelle's dresses would be made.  

Here's my favorite:

I'd really have to learn some draping techniques for that one!  Of course I couldn't find any patterns like this one, but I think this pattern has similar draping of the skirt on the view in the middle (in a "kinda sorta" kind of way):

As for the top: I have no idea.  I guess that's pretty much draped on a dressform and the ruffles would have to be drafted separately?  I could make a one-shouldered shell, but I don't have a dressform so the drapy part would be impossible for me.  I have lots to learn about pattern making before I even try something like that!

I like this dress too:

It looks like it would be easier to make than the first one too.  Hmm... start with something like this top:

Only instead of a V-neck collar you could do a boatneck and then go from there.  This underskirt would be easy enough to draft on your own.

Of course I say that from this side of fashion school :)

Is it weird that this mashup gives me goosebumps?  

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Um.. So, I blew up a potato  

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Who knew you could blow up a potato? Ok, well probably everyone. Me included really, but yeah.. I forgot to poke vent holes in my potatoes when I was baking them for dinner today. Good thing only one of them went atomic:

It made a really loud bang, too. I thought DH had come home- it sounded like the door to the garage banging shut.

Guess what I'll be doing soon??