Earth Day  

Posted by Emily

Today being Earth Day, I thought I'd share some of my favorite ways of helping the environment:

1. I like to read digital issues of magazines instead of subscribing to the print issues.

Make Magazine has recently started releasing their publication through the internet. The cost for an online-only subscription is $26.95; a regular subscription is $34.95 (which also gives you online access). So not only am I reducing the amount of paper being wasted, I'm also saving myself a few dollars in the process: win-win!

This looks interesting- I just found this site, so I'll need to look into this some more before I give an opinion.

2. Another way of saving energy is to use a search engine like Blackle (powered by Google Custom Search), which reduces the amount of electricity being used by your computer simply by having a dark background. So far they report "576,468.401 Watt hours saved."

3. I always wash my clothes in cold water to save on heating. My clothes get just as clean this way and I'm not using as much electricity.

Those are just a few things I do- what about you?