My favorite side dish (that is frequently the main dish here)  

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I make these jalapeño "poppers" pretty often. They're so fast, they have 3 ingredients (unless you decide to tweak them a little) and most important- they're SOOO yummy!

I was texting with my sister, describing these awesome morsels and decided to whip up a batch (I had just purchased the ingredients earlier today anyway). I took pictures along the way.

Preheat oven to 375 degrees (mine is convection so it adjusts down 25 degrees automatically).


Assemble the ingredients: fresh jalapeños (try to get uniform size and avoid really thick ones), Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese (or regular cream cheese or another cheese you like), and Turkey bacon. I accidentally bought the regular instead of extra lean like I normally do (or use real bacon or vegetarian bacon). You can tweak the kinds of cheese and add seasonings if you want (ranch dressing mix powder works well), but I mostly like to keep it simple. The Tofutti tastes just like cream cheese in my opinion and has far fewer calories and fat. The turkey bacon of course has fewer calories and fat as well- which means I can eat more of these haha!


Cut jalapenos in half lengthwise (wear disposable gloves from this point on if you're like me and can't keep from touching your eyes after cutting peppers):


Use a smallish spoon to remove the seeds and ribs.


Use the spoon to spread some cream cheese into each half. I don't fill all the way to the edge, but feel free if you'd like:


Using one slice of bacon per whole jalapeño, cut the bacon in half like so:


Place on baking sheet with some foil and bake for 30 mins or until bacon is crispy:


That photo turned out a little too blurry and I already plated up, so here's a photo of my plate with half a Morningstar Farm Riblet (so good!):


I took all these photos with my iPhone. I have a camera but it is so slow and difficult to adjust with lighting I just went the easy route. I'm currently putting money aside for a new camera, so my photos will look much better soon. Also, I wasn't being too artistic about displaying the food.. If you want that, check out Pioneer Woman (which is where I got the original recipe)!

Dinner's served :)

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