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I made this Dutch Baby for breakfast a few Saturdays ago. I loved how much it puffed up during baking so I took a few in-process photos..



It's supposed to have the dip in the middle. The edges are fluffy and the middle is kind of egg-y like the description says. I did cut the eggs own to 3 like the other reviewers suggested and that was plenty to me. I do think there was too much butter so I'll cut that down next time so I don't have to soak up a pile of butter from the middle after it bakes.

Topped with fried apples (just sliced apples, brown sugar, a squeeze of lemon and some cinnamon sauteed with butter):

Looks good enough to eat:

Fried Plantains. I didn't use a recipe, but it's similar to this one, only I don't use nearly that much oil (as you can see in this photo):

Broiled Grapefruit.. again ,no recipe. Just cut the grapefruit in half, sprinkle with sugar and put under the broiler until it starts to bubble:

Broiled Mango.. made with the same method as the grapefruit but unfortunately I let it burn. I scraped off the top after taking the photo and it tasted just fine:

Tofu and Broccoli Stir Fry, made this for dinner tonight (thanks Martha!):

Baked Apple Cinnamon Wontons for dessert:

Everything was yummy!

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