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Tonight I made Cashew Vegetable Korma for dinner and it was DELICIOUS! The recipe is from Post Punk Kitchen (link here). I've made a few things from her site already this week, but this one is the bomb! You're uspposed to mix the sauce in with the vegetables, but I kept them separate because DH wants to see later on if it's good over some chicken (it will be, but I'm not going there right now). Here's a photo (again, sorry for the crappy iPhone pics. Promise I'll dig out my other camera soon):


I served it with Trader Joe's Garlic Na'an, which you toss in a 400 degree oven for a couple minutes just to warm it up. Just sooo. goood. The recipe makes 16 servings, so I'm really glad it turned out well because I'm going to freeze individual portions which I'll have for lunch whenever I want.

The other food I've been eating has been leftover Snobby Joes on toast, veggies, fruit, etc. Nothing new or noteworthy I suppose, though nice and healthy and pretty good.

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