Food is my only creative endeavor right now..  

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..or that how it seems anyway. Besides working (from home for now), doing some housework and preparing to redo the house and backyard, planning healthy meals (well- healthy-ish; I know I'm missing green leafy veggies, but they just don't appeal to me right now) is the only thing I seem to be accomplishing lately. Which is totally fine since that's pretty important :)

Breakfast yesterday. Sauteed (why won't the accent work for me?- pretend it's there above the first e) nectarine and leftover polenta with a little maple syrup:


Lunch yesterday. Baked sweet potato, grapes and a Morningstar Farms Hickory Riblet (really good!):


Dinner yesterday. Snobby Joes (recipe here) on jalapeƱo (the accent worked here!) focaccia (Safeway), homemade guacamole (a friends super-secret recipe) with pita chips and strawberries:


Breakfast this morning. A toasted crumpet (Trader Joe's) with preserves, strawberries, grapes and mini heirloom tomatoes:


Lunch was leftovers from dinner yesterday, so I didn't take any photos. Dinner tonight was Chickpea (aka Garbonzo Bean) Cutlets (recipe here), baked red potato and mushroom gravy (recipe here).


Everything turned out pretty tasty and there's nothing I wouldn't make again, though maybe with a couple tweaks here and there. I froze the leftover Snobby Joe filling by scooping them onto a cookie sheet with an ice cream scoop, flash freezing and putting the scoops in a freezer bag. The leftover individual Chickpea Cutlets are freezing right now and I will put them in a freezer bag before I go to bed. I want to get some ready-made meals in the freezer that weren't mass produced by big companies.

That's it for now.. explore the blog I linked to (with the recipes), she has some other recipes I'm going to try eventually.

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